New Work

Nina is Currently Working on a New Series of Poured Acrylic Paintings 'Landscapes of Ireland'

“Perhaps it’s a flicker of sunlight across a room or the intense sparkly blue of the ocean and I’m caught……

Captivated in that moment, immersed, wrapped in it’s atmosphere…

It’s about the attraction, the way you see something, not what you see, contemplating the story of that moment, the story to be told……

Inspirations to live, to dream. I create original pieces of artwork that are deeply personal and unique.”





Artwork that ignites the senses, stirring emotions, evoking feelings of calm and happiness to create pieces that are pleasing to the senses.

Award Winning

'Sunshine Days'
Watercolour & Ink By Nina Patterson

Winner of the Universal Arts Suppliers Award 2021

Pricing / Framing / Shipping

Prices are for framed work. The size quoted is the artwork size excluding it’s frame. Prices are standard across Ireland but may differ outside of Ireland due to currency and shipping costs. Costs will be calculated at checkout. 

Available Works

Gathering inspiration from glimpses stolen from the tumble of life….