art course / workshop t&c's

Art Course / Workshop Terms & Conditions


  1. Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform Nina of any existing significant medical conditions, allergies or special needs – any information provided will be treated as confidential.
  2. Disposable gloves maybe worn if desired but are NOT obligatory. Routine use of disposable gloves is not a substitute for hand hygiene.
  3. No student will be permitted to class if they have not fully completed a booking form. All class records and data will be maintained and processed in compliance with the GDPR and the Data Protection Acts.
  4. Bookings are made for a specific course / workshop, on a specific day & time. No student will be allowed to swap days to make up for missed sessions for any reason. Should a student miss class for any reason no refunds will be given.  Cancellations & booking alterations are refundable & transferable up to seven days prior to the course / workshop start date, after this no refunds or booking alterations will be made.
  5. Course & workshop details with times, fees and booking forms are published on Nina’s website (See
  6. A booking will only be deemed accepted if accompanied by the payment of fees in full and a fully completed booking form accepting these T&C’s.
  7. PLACES ARE FILLED ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS. However, students who have been in class for the previous term are given first preference to renew their place. NO STUDENT IS AUTOMATICALLY RE – ENROLLED FOR THE NEXT TERM.
  8. All bookings must be made online. Places will only be secured when fees are paid in full. Nina will make a full refund up to 7 days before the commencement of a course or workshop, no reasons required. After that no refunds or booking alterations are made.
  9. Payments are processed online securely by Stripe. All major credit cards are accepted.
  10. Nina reserves the right to make changes to the timetable.
  11. Nina reserves the right to exclude / refuse students from classes, for reasons of unsuitability or other at her own discretion.
  12. Students are required to provide an additional emergency contact name & number.
  13. Students are obliged to take care of their own belongings and artwork. Nina accepts no liability / responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged belongings.
  14. Nina accepts no responsibility / liability for any damage to clothing.
  15. Nina has comprehensive insurance in place. However, liability is restricted to event time only and then only in the case of gross negligence.
  16. Photographs and videos of students and their artwork may be taken for promotional reasons. Nina uses photographs sensibly and aims to never publish names with photographs.
  17. When bookings are made your details are stored and added to Nina’s marketing database. If you wish to be removed from the database simply unsubscribe anytime or email, text or call with the word “remove” and Nina will remove all your details from the database.
  18. Nina reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions as the situation arises.