painting courses

Escape & Explore…… A Great Way To Relax

Find the confidence to create through Nina’s passion to inspire. From where and how to start a painting, when to finish and every stage in between. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced painter grow your artistic skills.

In-Person Adult Art Classes - Confidence to Create

Learn to build better compositions. Understand & master the balance of colour mixing, creating mood & atmosphere in your paintings. Grasp the concepts of tone and texture learning to embrace, develop and express your own individual creativity.

With over 20 years experience teaching, Nina delivers top quality instruction. Her enthusiasm and love for learning ensures that students get the best out of their class…

Online Courses Mixed Level

This course is tailored to meet individual goals and abilities. Students may opt to follow Nina through a demonstration, working a piece from start to finish.

Students can work in their preferred medium or diversify each week as they choose, using whatever materials are available to them. Nina will cover different styles and disciplines weekly – oils, acrylics, watercolours, pastels, charcoal, pen, ink and pencils, to allow students find & develop their own way of working. More experienced students may wish, and will be encouraged to explore their personal expression, through their own choice of work, where Nina will guide and advise. Colour mixing, composition, drawing and painting techniques are covered as the class progresses…